The history of Plastkonsult GF AB


Plastkonsult GF AB was founded in 1992 in Gnosjö and originated from Plasticform AB. Founder is Gösta Fredriksson who is the son of Verner Fredriksson, which has started about 60 companies in and around Gnosjö.

At first, plastic parts were molded, especially to the packaging industry, breweries and dairies. Plasticform has manufactured about 8,000,000 red crates in Sweden.
About 5,000,000 of brewery crates for the Norwegian market.

To Tetra Pak it is made from plastic backs in Fam. Fredriksson's registry is approximately 25,000,000.

Fredriksson's plastic company has been developing and manufacturing dish crates for Electrolux and Wexiödisk.

March 15, 2017, Gösta Fredriksson Plastkonsult GF AB sold to Stefan Nilsson and Tobias Hedlund for further development.